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Amazon has banned Jocks for Sale #12. I guess they don't want you to find out what happens to Cody and his plan to take down Luca and the Boss. 


But you don't have to let Amazon decide what you're allowed to read!

Here's how you can still get the book:


•. You can read it on any phone, tablet, or laptop by installing the Google Play Books App, then Get the book in the Google Play store.

• If you want to read on a Kindle, then BookFunnel has you covered. Buy the book at this link. You'll then receive an email from BookFunnel with a link to the book and instructions on how to add it to your Kindle library. 

          The Bookfunnel instructions are clear and simple, but it will take you a few minutes to complete the setup.

I hope you enjoy this latest installment of Cody's adventures!

And if you want to get alerts as new stories come out, don't forget to sign up for Josh's email list.

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