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Josh Hunter's dark gay erotica.

Ever fantasized about getting revenge on that hot jock who bullied you in high school? What if you had a piece of blackmail so devastating that you could make him do anything you wanted? And you could even train him to like it?


Or what if you were on an island where a criminal cartel is turning kidnapped college boys into sex slaves? Would you want to be one of the captured jocks, struggling to resist and escape? Or would you rather be one of the trainers, using a firm hand to get the new livestock ready for sale?

You can read the first book of every series FREE! And if you like them, the follow-on books are only $2.99 each. For less than the price of a cup of coffee, you can indulge in a story that will fuel your fantasies for weeks to come. 



Warning: Features dubcon and noncon sex, straight to gay conditioning, as well as domination, submission, spanking, forced chastity, slave training, bullying, and blackmail. If you’re triggered by men behaving badly, you’d best stay away from these books and audiobooks. But if you want a dark sexual adventure, then hang on for a wild ride!

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