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Want to LISTEN to hot gay stories?

The first five episodes of Settling the Score are out in audiobook format! Hear the story of a resourceful gay teen who turns the tables on the sexy jock who's bullied him all through high school. A #1 BEST SELLER in Amazon's gay erotica.

You can listen to the first episode right here, or download it for later.

Want to follow the rest of the story?

You can download Part 1 of the series for FREE! And the remaining books are just $2.99. Whenever an audiobook is available, it will be included with the ebook as a package deal. Here are the links:

Settling the Score -- Part 1: The Favor. (FREE!)

Settling the Score -- Part 2: Blackmailed!

Settling the Score -- Part 3: The Cage

Settling the Score -- Part 4: Coach's Boy

Settling the Score -- Part 5: Breaking Point

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